I have spent the last ten years in the trenches with small business owners like you, as their CPA and trusted business advisor.  Through very intentional investments into my health and other things that increased my capacity, I have built a successful CPA practice, but something was not aligned.  While decreasing my client's taxes and filing tax returns was necessary for every business owner, I enjoyed getting through the tax talk and helping my clients organize their busy brains and lives.  I had an oversized whiteboard that I built myself to have enough room to map out their situations and help them get unstuck and excited about their next steps.  These conversations were the ones that didn't feel like work.  Often, clients would leave with more pep in their step and hope in their eyes.  Some clients even started to call just to have these whiteboarding sessions.  It was then that I knew my greatest contribution would be to help support the business owner in a way that didn't exist out there.  That is where the concept of the Momentum Stack© evolved into what it is today.  

I have my ups and downs still.


I have learned that judging myself when I feel stressed and overwhelmed does not help anything.  I have come to accept that I am human and, as such, I am not a robot.  I have ebbs and flows just like you.  The new me, however, feels more empowered to bounce back quicker and with more power and less white-knuckling.  This feels better.  I enjoy helping others get to a point where they feel in control and excited about the future and consistently show up and execute their plans.  To move from stressed to stoked.