The power of thoughts in the entrepreneurs journey

Mar 16, 2022

Do you ever feel totally overwhelmed with running your business while trying to be a good parent? 

Ever get sick of “the grind” and just want to run away from it all? 

This week has been one of those weeks filled with those types of thoughts and feelings for me.  We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel (where my wife is acting as the contractor…like for real).  There are decisions on fixtures to be made, demo to do and electrical to install.  It’s a lot. 

On top of that, we have 4 kids.  Ages 9,6,4 and 2 plus a new puppy.  The needs of the family have a way of filling in any cracks of ‘downtime’ that might arise in a day.  Add on top of that, trying to launch my coaching venture.  Something that I have wanted to do for years.  I can literally say that it is my dream.  Growing a business from scratch is not like running a CPA firm that has a powerful base of great clients that are constantly referring people your way.  Building the type of business that I can envision is part of the long game (and patience is something I have always struggled with).  

 This week, everything has felt heavy and overwhelming but this morning I have been feeling better.  HOW?  WHY? Because I have taken a step back to observe my thoughts and really think about how they are making me feel.  Last year I really came to see the power of understanding that our circumstances don’t dictate how we feel, it’s the thoughts we have about our circumstances that trigger the emotions (either positive or negative).  The amazing part about that concept is how we are in FULL control of our thoughts.  

How can this help you as an entrepreneur who is trying to achieve great things? 

When you are feeling stressed or anxious in your day, realize that it’s not your day that is causing these feelings, it is the thoughts you are having about your day. 

Example: It’s Sunday night and you look at your schedule for Monday and it’s packed with appointments and tasks.  Immediately you feel anxious about the ending of the weekend and the start of a new week.  Dread and anger start to simmer, leading to a low-grade case of the crankies. (new word for when you are cranky).  

You take a step back and do a quick journal session answering without judgment the question, what thoughts are causing me to feel this way? Here are some of the thoughts you write down: 

“I never get to do anything I want to; my business controls my life”.  

Then you pick a new twist on that thought and try and come up with a version or perspective that serves you better. 

Old Thought: “I never get to do anything I want to; my business controls my life”.  

Upgraded Thought: “I have full control of my schedule, with a little planning, I can schedule a few 2-hour blocks this week to do whatever I want.”  

Do you see how a small shift in thought upgrades the emotions we feel?  Immediately, we feel more empowered and less trapped ( this is a common thought I have to upgrade).  It is so easy to just operate from a place of reaction to all our clients’ demands and we tell ourselves that “this is just the way things are”.  FALSE!  That is just a thought!  95% of what we experience is just our thoughts.  This is true about money, business, our kids, and even how we view our spouses.  Very little of what we think are ‘facts’ are actually facts (non-disputable things).  They are actually just stories and thoughts of our own making.   We don't HAVE to get anything to feel better; we can feel better right now.

 "Nothing outside us has the power to make us feel good or bad.  It is not the circumstances, but our thoughts ABOUT the circumstances that create our experience.” – Brooke Castillo 

Taking a step back and doing some ‘thought’ work is probably THE most powerful and empowering concept we can practice.  My description does not do it the justice it deserves.  It is hard to write an email and work through thoughts through flat text.  A conversation about your situation is the best way to work through negative thoughts and start feeling better. If you would like to understand how to handle your stress load better, I would love to chat. Hit me up. 

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