Do not chose to be confused

Feb 25, 2022

  How do I feel less overwhelmed and worried?

  I would tell them to stop overthinking strategic decisions and just execute.  The execution doesn’t have to be perfect; the power comes from the forward momentum it creates (even if it doesn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted).  

 I often find myself spinning circles in my mind only to feel more and more confused. 

 Recently I was reading a book called Business Made Simple.  The writer has a great business mind and is all about keeping things simple.  He likes to say: 

 “Do not choose to be confused” 

 I know, it’s not super clear at first.  Let me explain how this concept can help you feel less overwhelmed.  When you are faced with a decision that seems complicated, take a step back from yourself and give yourself advice of what you should do as if it were obvious.  The reason this is powerful is that we often tend to choose to be confused about stuff that we either 1) want to do even though we know we shouldn’t OR 2) we are putting off something we know we should do.  


We tend to be “confused” about a lot of things as business owners and entrepreneurs: 

-       Whether we should wrap up work and show up at our kid’s basketball game 

-       Whether we should start prioritizing our health more 

-       Whether we should invest in getting some help with our business strategy 

-       Whether we should be more vulnerable with our spouse about our feelings 

Do you see how the answers are usually obvious? (yet we all struggle to execute).   

What are you 'choosing' to be confused about right now? ( business or personal...we all know it affects us the same)

Often, we totally know the answer but chose to be confused and overcomplicate the situation.  This confusion often triggers overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and NO ACTION.  No action is the quickest way to feel stuck and fearful about our ability to create a thriving business.  

Next time you are faced with what seems like a heavy decision, remember this: 

 Do not choose to be confused 

 Take a step back, have the courage to choose the obvious (even if it is hard). 

If you choose to get some help with your business, I would love to chat to see how I could help you feel less overwhelmed and in control.  

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