Do you have a Success List?

Mar 09, 2022

 “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” 

-Sir Tony Robbins 

 I quote Tony Robbins a lot.  He is not perfect and sometimes his style of teaching large groups is a bit intense for me but overall he is a powerful source of knowledge when it comes to life and entrepreneurship which I enjoy tapping into. As business owners, it is really easy to be myopic in our quest for ‘success’.  The single metric that we often get fixated on is money-related.  After all, it’s easy to track and it gamifies our efforts as entrepreneurs, and our society rewards that focus in various ways. 

Think about the quote: 

Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. 

 As a CPA for a decade, I have seen firsthand how this ultimate failure happens WAY TO OFTEN.   Not many would admit it, because who wants to admit that they have failed.  As a CPA, I interact with small business owners of all types and see the numbers, talk about what is stressing them out and if they are up for it, help them outline a way to a future that is more aligned with their definition of success. They leave my office feeling excited about their future and less stressed because this type of future is much less overwhelming.  As business owners, it’s hard to get this outside perspective on our situations, but it is really powerful and I love being part of that process. 

 The exercise of making your “ I know I’m successful when…” list will only take 5 minutes but it can reframe your daily struggles in a way that seems to decrease stress and overwhelm and get you excited about achieving a more intentional future.  

Here is my list: 

I know I am successful when…

  • I have a powerful and connected relationship with my wife 
  • My kids feel loved and can trust that I have their back in life 
  • I have taught my kids problem solving and resiliency 
  • I feel that I am being led by God and his spirit 
  • I feel I have “enough” in life financially 
  • My days are filled with work that aligns with my highest level of skill 
  • My days are filled with helping others in a massively fulfilling way 
  • I have a fun balance of ‘work’, recreation, and family that is maintainable long term 
  • I feel peaceful in my mind 
  • I feel healthy and vibrant, capable of adventure and family activities 
  • I feel part of a strong social group that helps me feel support during hard times 

If you want to increase your chances of true "success", take 5 minutes, right now, and make a rough draft of your list.  Just set a timer, and start listing things.  Don’t try and filter your list, just be honest and write what comes to you.  The more honest you are, the more authentic and life-changing this list will be.  

 If you want to chat about your list, I would love to talk.  No cost, no strings, no pressure ( seriously).  Just someone to chat with about business and life.  I live for these discussions.  They are a blast.  I have a coaching program that helps entrepreneurs just like you create the success that wants in life. It is not for everyone and I won’t bring it up in our chat unless I feel that it would boost your success.  



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