Get out and work out to figure it out.

Mar 02, 2022

 If you are sitting at a desk and reading this email, you need this message in order to overcome the challenges you are facing.  

 Do you often feel frustrated with the never-ending challenges that you face as a business owner?  

Do you feel worried that it all might be too much? 

Did you bite off more than you can chew?  

 A few days ago, I noticed that the weather forecast was going to be an amazing mid-week temperature.  I told myself that I was going to get out on a bike ride and soak up some much-needed fresh air and sunshine.  Fast forward to Wednesday and I was feeling stressed with all I had set out to accomplish this week.  The idea of skipping the ride was being bounced around in my head as a possibility.  Do you know what I ended up doing? (even though I felt a bit anxious about stepping away for a couple of hours?).  

 I went on a magnificent bike ride…and it was glorious!  

 Did my business fail?  Did all my clients fire me? No, of course not.  Was it easy to step away in the moment mid-day?  Heck no, but it was a far better investment of my time than sitting at my desk for a couple of hours.  

 Here is why working out was a better investment of my time than sitting at my desk:  

While on my ride, my mind was able to solve some challenging problems I have been wrestling with.  Some dots were connected in powerful ways which I am confident will translate to more business success.  

  •  I was able to focus with more intent when I returned to my computer  
  •  I feel more confident in myself that I kept my promise to myself  
  •  My sleep quality will be better tonight 
  • I was able to continue moving towards the fitness goals I have set for myself and that feels great mentally and physically  
  • I was able to be an example to my kids as they saw me peddle off down the road.  They have seen this enough to hopefully realize that staying fit is something they want to prioritize in their lives.  
  •  More mid-afternoon energy.  I have not craved any type of caffeine ‘fix’ because my body feels more energy from the workout.  

 When you are feeling overwhelmed or challenged by all you have on your plate, remember:  

 Get out and work out to figure it out.   

 The power to figure things out is further unlocked when we step away (even when it seems like the wrong thing to do, do some exercise we enjoy (out in nature preferably).  

 The formula is powerfully simple.   Taking care of yourself can be one of the best things you can do to succeed as a business owner. Trust me.  (I know you will think your situation is ‘different’, but that is what everyone thinks and it’s just not true.)  

 You can create the success you so badly desire, you just need some help because chances are what got you here will not get you there. 

  If you want help working through your challenges as a business owner, I would be stoked to chat about your situation and how to find more clarity and become a stronger, more capable entrepreneur.  That is my jam.   

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