How heavy are your counterweights?

Jun 20, 2022

Counterweights are used on machinery that lifts really heavy objects.  ( think cranes and forklifts).   As business owners, you are lifting HEAVY loads.  As you grow to be more successful and your business size increases, your business complexity also increases.  I believe that each of us needs to utilize more counterweights in our lives. 

What are some examples of counterweights? Glad you asked!

  • Fun exercise routine
  • Good nutrition
  • Strategic sleep at night
  • Naps during the day ( yea, you can do that).
  • Time in nature
  • Time with a coach to plan high level 
  • Business Masterminds
  • Simple Journaling
  • Getting a massage

The sad part is that most business owners that are trying to guide a successful business, feel like they have less time to focus on investing in their counterweight strategy.  When things are challenging and complex, the MORE you need solid counterweights!  

By investing in strategic counterweights, you will be able to lift more which will lead to less stress, overwhelm, and more success.

Why aren't you prioritizing your self-care?  Your future business success depends on it!

You have my permission to get out there and "treat yourself!"

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