The greatest threat to your success

May 04, 2022

Do you love personality tests as much as I do?  It always seems I am taking those 'tests' to see what they say about my inner self.  The most recent I took ( again) was the Enneagram.  It came back and identified me as a '3' aka an Achiever.  No real big surprise there as I would have identified with that word before taking the assessment.  What interested me this time was the section that talked about what happens when Achievers push themselves too hard. Here is what it says ( see if it rings true for you):

"When [Acheivers] push themselves too hard and unable to deliver everything that would like to, they may resort to presenting successful images to others that than letting people know their actual state or emotional condition.  They attempt to convince others and themselves that they have no problems and that they are going great, even though they may feel depressed or even burnt out.  They believe they can "fake it until they make it", but if [Achievers] do not slow down to deal with their emotional problems, sooner or later, a crash is inevitable." 


When it comes to performing really well as a business owner, we need to pay attention to more than just our bottom line.  I believe that more business success can be unlocked by looking BEYOND the bottom line than above it.  I am talking about taking a true look at our own emotional and physical states of health. 

The challenges of owning a business are HEAVY and never stop ( sorry to be the bearer of bad news).  What I have learned through myself and the hundreds of small business clients I have worked with is that if we don't give priority and attention to our own health and wellness as business owners and continually 'work out' to build our emotional, mental and physical strength, the weight of business ownership will cause a toxic amount of stress and ultimately crush us.  

When our loads of business life are not carried with proper amounts of strategy and strength, we fall from balance towards burnout.

Here are some indicators that you are headed from balance to burnout:

  • Feel exhausted and overwhelmed easily ( Constantly craving your stimulant of choice)
  • Nothing ever seems good enough ( When I get caught up, then I can relax...but you have been saying that for more than a week)
  • You are frustrated and cynical ( only seem to see things as 'problems' including your interactions)
  • Have very little patience and are cranky ( Short fuse with yourself and others)
  • Your health routines are lacking ( Can't find the motivation to put yourself first)
  • Chances are more than one of these hits close to your heart.

I know when you feel this way, everything seems like 'too much, ' I can't handle one more thing'.  Just remember that we as achievers tend to try and do things on our own and push through.  This is not the most effective way to approach the challenges.  Talk to someone who will understand you.  My life's work is now to help people off the burnout bandwagon and help people feel better.  I will meet you where you are at.  Reaching out is a form of strength, not weakness.  

For a very limited time, I am offering a totally free beta coaching package to 10 business owners who want to shift from burnout to balance.  This unique 1-month business fitness reboot consists of weekly learning modules followed up by coaching calls to help implement highly effective self-care routines in your busy life.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Let's get momentum shifted in the positive today!


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