The TRUE 'breakfast of champions' is NOT Wheaties.

Mar 24, 2022

As a business owner, the food you chose to put into your body is literally the fuel that you rely on to tackle your massive list of things to do each day.  What if I told you that you have been LIED to by the giants of the food industry?  Ever since I was a kid, I have been blasted with the message that top athletes eat Wheaties for breakfast and Gatorade during a hard workout!  I am here to tell you there is a better way!  These heavily marketed foods are actually horrible when examined at a macronutrient level and spike your blood sugar like a rocket ship!

Why should you care about your blood sugar levels as a business owner?   Because if you FEEL great, you will perform better and be able to achieve more each day.  It is crazy that no business book has ever mentioned blood sugar as a way to increase your success as an entrepreneur!  Seriously, this stuff is incredibly important!

Keeping your blood sugar levels at healthy levels is a powerful way to boost energy and keep you focused on needle-moving projects each day.  ( added bonus is you will be able to more easily control weight gain).  

Do you want more energy in business and shed excess pounds?  Keep reading...

The typical entrepreneur goes to bed late and wakes up in a type of 'fog'.  After peeling themselves out of bed, they eat a bowl of Wheaties and a glass of orange juice and start to feel a bit better.  Then, they grab a coffee-based drink with a few shots of creamer and sit down at work with the best intentions to conquer the day.  About 90 minutes after sitting down, they start to feel a bit 'empty' inside and start to lose focus.  The brain begins trying to solve this hungry feeling that is stirring inside.  Your energy begins to crash a bit and you begin to lose momentum while your mental faculties begin to shift into 'food survival mode'.   Sound familiar?  This is pretty much every entrepreneur, you are not alone.  What if I told you there was a MUCH BETTER way that could curb that mid-morning craving for sweets and keep you focused longer?

The secret is to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing ( seriously).  Instead of a breakfast full of carbs and sugar, you need to prioritize protein and fats and keep carbs as low as possible ( especially first thing in the morning).  Out of the breakfast cereal aisle, Wheaties are one of the better options but still horrible.  Even though they are not sweetened with tons of sugar, the simple carbs of the flour flakes quickly turn to glucose in your system and spike blood sugar and orange juice is literally like an I.V. of glucose, without any fiber to slow the absorption, that stuff will give you a boost and crash...guaranteed.  

Great breakfast routines start with getting enough sleep.  If you wake up tired then of course you crave quick energy ( carbs and sugar).  Prioritize your sleep.

For me, the ideal breakfast is 4 eggs, 2 organic sausage links, 1/5 cup cheese, a medium avocado, all wrapped in a special tortilla called ' Cut da Carb' which has 9 carbs.  That breakfast gives me a super balanced amount of protein and fats and the wrap makes it all very tasty and fun to eat ( Breakfast burritos are my favorite food group).  DO NOT use a normal tortilla, they will spike your blood sugar ( with almost 3x as many carbs).  Also, the protein and fats of sausage, egg, and avocado slow the carb absorption time which is a handy hack.

Breakfast cereal is a terrible way to fuel entrepreneurial success.

What is your typical morning fueling routine?  Do you need a tune-up?  Are you confused by all the options?  If you want help clarifying what a true power breakfast should look like for you, let's chat!  This stuff is my jam! No obligation, just a chat about how you can unlock more focus and energy starting with your breakfast.

Learn easy and simple ways to fuel like a champion!



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