What is Business Fitness

Apr 14, 2022

When I first began running my CPA practice, it kicked my trash!  It was crushing at times wearing all the different hats and trying to work 'in' the business and 'on' the business.  It took LOTS of learning and effort to 'get into shape' for business ownership.  After a couple of years, I finally began to face the challenges with greater effectiveness and ease as a result of the mental and physical fitness training I had acquired and worked to implement.

Your business's vibrancy and momentum are a reflection of you as the business owner.  How are things looking these days?  Is energy low? Creativity flat? Optimism lacking?  Time to up your self-care routine if you want to 'stay in the game'.  I like to compare athletics and entrepreneurship.  There are many overlaps that can help us perform at higher levels as business owners because athletes have a very direct relationship between their training and their performance.  I believe the demands of a successful business will crush you unless you level up your mental and physical fitness.  The sad truth is that as success grows, time gets more limited and less time is devoted to self-care routines ( which is the opposite of what should happen).  THE RESULT IS CHRONIC STRESS and BURNOUT My favorite approach is an inside-out strategy.  Here are some key elements of an effective inside-out strategy:

  • Establish a routine of working out and build it into your workday schedule. ( Remember that business is physical!)
  • Pick workouts that you look forward to. ( Since I love cycling, it is easier for me to pull away and do it regularly.  If you don't like running, don't do it! )
  • Eat and drink like an athlete ( Our nutrition should result in more energy; not brain fog inducing naps)
  • Get clear on your financial strategy ( define your ENOUGH ) ( Click here for last week's article on 'what is enough')
  • Upgrade your money mindset to be less anxiety-producing ( stressing about money will lead to chronic imbalance)
  • Align your business with your true priorities ( this will help you feel excited to win)
  • Practice regular Mental Hygiene ( managing stress is like flossing, do it daily to avoid bigger issues down the road).

The above 'Workout" will build a very FIT business owner ( mentally and physically).  Getting into proper shape will help you enjoy the 'race' more.  When you meet the challenges you face with the correct level of fitness, you will handle them so much better!  

Time to shift from surviving to thriving!


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