Feeling stuck sucks

It's time to get organized, clear, and stoked about your business

It is time to shift your momentum.


Did you know that 42% of small business owners have reported recently experiencing burnout?

I believe one of the greatest challenges for business owners is chronic stress and running their business from a reactionary position verse a proactive position. 

The Result?

We lose momentum and get stuck. 

Get Unstuck

Have you 'lost that loving feeling?'

I have been where you are, so let me show you how to:

  • Gain Clarity on what you are trying to accomplish and stay focused.
  • Implement super effective routines to boost your physical energy and vitality.
  • Actually start feeling excited about what you are doing in your business.
  • Create work rhythms that support your desired lifestyle.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Through Momentum Mapping, you’ll shift from stressed to stoked and learn how to keep your momentum high even when things are challenging.

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You can shift the momentum…

  • Decrease the chronic stress and overwhelm in your business life.
  • Understand how to create natural energy each day.
  • Design a business dynamic that is supporting the lifestyle that you want.

There are certain mindsets, routines, and dynamics that need to be in place for lasting momentum. We’ll cover them all.  


Momentum Maps


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Are you Ready To Get Unstuck and Start feeling stoked?

I know this feels a bit touchy-feely for most dudes but listen, business ownership can be awesome (I promise).

  • Yes, you can do it alone but should you?  The highest performers seek good support. (No one will give you a trophy for being a martyr in your business). 
  • Feeling stuck sucks. Feeling stoked is contagious and awesome. (there are a couple of major needle movers we can explore right out of the gate).
  • Investing in your capacity, health and wellness is an investment into THE GREATEST asset in your business.
  • Momentum Mapping is an approach to business success that bucks the status quo and approaches your business success holistically.


Why Momentum Mapping© is such a powerful strategy...


3 Maps that will change your business life more than anything else


Mindset Map

I totally get it.  You have been running around so long, things are a bit of a mess.  Lets. Get. Organized.

  • Understand what your stress and anxiety triggers are for your personality type
  • Create a high-level financial plan so you can feel at peace about your financial situation
  • Establish your financial "enough" through a monthly cash flow analysis

Shifting momentum begins with getting your bearings

Vitality Map

Mind and Body are connected.  When we feel great physically, we will have the energy to execute our exciting plans:

  • Create a basic yet strategic plan for fitness, nutrition, and recovery so you can feel refreshed.
  • Learn some easy food upgrades that your brain and body will LOVE.
  • Have accountability to your new vitality goals and work through challenges as they arise. 

The research is clear, healthy business owners are more successful.

Business Map

Business and life are connected.  To feel stoked about things, we need alignment in our businesses.

  • Understand your values and align so you can filter business 'opportunities' with confidence.
  • Create a plan to re-focus on the most important needle-movers each day 
  • Create an office environment that is inspiring and has the energy you want to feel each day.
  • Leverage your secret sauce and create offers that you love delivering.

Understanding how to bring your unique level of zest and energy to your business will unlock true, lasting success.

This Is For You If...

  • You have been in business for 5+ years 
  • You feel stressed and overwhelmed 
  • Your health is suffering as a result of your business life
  • You want to stop feeling stuck 
  • Wish you could feel stoked about your business again
  • Want to feel inspiring to clients, team, and family
  • Want to create balanced success that breathes energy into your life
Sounds Awesome, Let's Chat Details

I'm Truman

 After working 10 years as a CPA, Truman believes the greatest opportunity for professional business owners is the ability to navigate the stress and overwhelm in this post-pandemic business environment where traditional models just can't cut it. 

His philosophy for business success comes from personal experience and the hundreds of small business owners he has worked with over the years.  His passion is helping people get unstuck and build momentum in their business lives.  

"Through working with Truman, I have found ways to see my business success for what it is and am headed in an exciting direction towards enjoying more health, hobbies and time with my family without feeling anxious about work."

- Jason

"I thought I could do it on my own.  Having someone to listen to my unique situation and create a safe place for insights was the shift I needed to start chasing things I had been paralyzed to pursue.  The result is less stress, less anxious feelings and more momentum."

- Mark

"Truman has been a lifesaver for my company, his integrity and passion for it is unreal."

- Taylor

What are you going to do about it?

I get your hesitation. I have been there many times. Things sound good BUT ( Insert Excuse #1, Excuse #2).  Don't feel shy or ashamed.  I have been where you are.  I know how powerful it is to have positive momentum in business life.  There are several ways to get help: 


  • You can listen to my podcast (The Truman Show 2.0)

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  • Read my book: Dude, Sharpen your Ax

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  • The Momentum Mapping program has options starting at $195 (Stop making excuses). 
  • Book a chat to discuss your situation and what level of coaching program would be best

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